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The repair and maintenance of the catering equipment works will be assessed to ascertain whether they can be carried out ensuring strict guidance to the requirements of Social Distancing and washing of Hands on site. The works will be assessed along with the working areas and if operatives can adopt (where possible) social distancing of 2mtrs and hand washing provisions / sanitiser provisions are readily available on site for use. Where the 2mtr social distance is compromised stringent additional measures and procedures will be implemented has identified within this risk assessment.

Due the current situation in the UK at present the outbreak of the Coronavirus all persons employed by HCS are to ensure they are aware of the Government and Public Health England Guidance in isolation and social distancing and to ensure the continued “washing of hands” to prevent the spread of the virus.

We are committed to ensuring every process we employ is adhering to that guidance. It is also developed in alignment with the most up to date guidance from the Construction Leadership Council, which is closely working alongside government to update and provide reasonable advice on compliance for the industry which Government have confirmed is critical to continue during the outbreak.

If any operative, prior to commencement of works, shows signs of fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or fatigue – they will be required to stay at home and self-isolate in accordance with Government guidance.

Each operative is to confirm in writing prior to leaving for work each day that they show no symptoms. Each operative will subsequently sign this assessment prior to commencement on site in terms of adherence.

If any operative develops any symptoms during any time at work, they are to immediately leave the place of work and follow Government Guidance on isolation.

All vehicles retain hand sanitiser and hand protection and these are to be applied prior to, and after, each journey. Where re-fuelling is required, operatives will utilize disposable gloves at the fuel station and use contactless payment methods to eliminate unnecessary contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

All operatives are provided with face masks and disposable overalls.

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