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In just 8 hours a single bacterial cell can multiply to over 8 million, meaning that health risks and odours remain a major problem, with standard room cleaning and disinfecting procedures only offering a temporary solution.

HyGenikx combats airborne viruses and bacteria, stopping their spread and minimising the risks of cross contamination. The advanced and compact wall-mounted system utilises a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available to produce Superoxide Ions and Plasma Quatro, which are proven to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), moulds and fungi, as well as neutralise all odours.

HyGenikx targets and kills the biological hazards in the kitchen, including Salmonella, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Norovirus and other primary sources of infections, and has been proven to eliminate harmful Listeria in an independent validation study carries out by ALS laboratories – the UKs leading provider of food and drink testing services.


The technology within HyGenikx is proven to inactivate viruses, including coronaviruses, by using a unique combination of UVC, PCO and trace ozone to destroy these microorganisms. Studies have shown that this technology is effective against SARS-CoV, a virus from the same family as the current, COVID-19, coronavirus strain (SARS-CoV-2). It works by damaging the genetic material of viruses so that they can no longer function or reproduce — rendering them harmless.

The HyGenikx technology has also been shown to significantly reduce the presence of MS-2 coliphage (a surrogate for Norovirus) both in the air and on surfaces. MS-2 is a non-enveloped virus that is more difficult to eradicate than lipid-enveloped coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Together with regular handwashing, frequent cleaning, and social distancing, HyGenikx can help prevent the spread of harmful coronaviruses and reduce the risk of infection.

Cyrus Todiwala talks about HyGenikx at Café Spice Namasté.

The HyGenikx range has models to suit every application, from food preparation areas, cold rooms and front of house, to washrooms, refuse areas and beyond, and joins Mechline’s ever-expanding collection of hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for the food service industry. The ultimate air and surface steriliser.


The Inn Collection Group

Like all hospitality businesses, The Inn Collection Group has had to adapt to a new-normal and the changed mindset of its customers. The group has introduced HyGenikx Air and Surface Sterilisers across its thirteen sites, to complement its already stringent cleaning procedures and help protect the well-being of its guests and staff.

The Manor Residential Care Home

“..It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keeping the air and surfaces in our food prep area protected from viruses and bacteria… it has provided us with the reassurance that we are doing everything we possibly can to protect our staff, food prep areas, and residents, from any harmful pathogens that might find their way into the kitchen.”

NWCE Foodservice Equipment

When the coronavirus crisis hit, NWCE Foodservice Equipment reacted quickly to provide support for its customers, whilst maintaining a safe operation for its office staff. Alongside social distancing and strict cleaning routines, NWCE introduced HyGenikx into its head office to help protect the wellbeing of its staff.

Marks Tey Pharmacy

“At the start of the Covid outbreak we were concerned for the safety of our employees. We introduced many extra hygiene and safety measures in our pharmacy… but we wanted to go that extra mile to protect our staff and customers. 

We came across the HyGenikx air and surface steriliser and decided it was an affordable solution to take the proactive steps we were looking for…”

Aqua Restaurants

“We have the HyGenikx stickers up to ensure that our customers know we are working hard to ensure our environments are safe.

“In the world we are living in now, the role of the HyGenikx units has never been more important as it is helping to keep everyone safe from viruses and bacteria, so customers can feel comfortable and safe in these surroundings.”

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, Broadoaks researched what the best measures were to help protect and assure its guests. They first learnt about HyGenikx, when a member of staff stayed at a hotel with the same technology installed. Now their entire foodservice operation has HyGenikx hygiene and safety protection in place.

The French Horn

“We have always maintained a very high cleaning standard and with the introduction of HyGenikx we continue to positively enhance our guests experience.

With HyGenikx installed our staff have commented on what a difference it has made, the food stored in the cold store seems to stay fresher for longer. An absolute success, it is an astonishing piece of equipment…”

Café Spice Namasté

Customers returning to Café Spice have been assured not only by the physical changes they have seen such as sanitisation stations, a new lay out for the large dining room and disinfecting tables and chairs after each use, but also buoyed by the measures that Cyrus has implemented back of house, including in the kitchen, cold rooms and changing rooms, to combat the hidden dangers that neither they, or he, can see, such as viruses in the air.


HyGenikx is proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the food service and hospitality environment — validated in both field and lab* trials

Click here to read about these studies.

[*by ALS Laboratories, the UK’s leading provider of food and drink testing services.]

HyGenikx has been shown to increase the shelf-life of products by an average of 58% (approximately 7.5 days)—with some produce proving to last as much as 150% longer!

Click here to read about this study.

[by ALS Laboratories, the UK’s leading provider of food and drink testing services.]

Read the full Coronavirus and HyGenikx Scientific Statement by Dr. David L. Webber.

Dr Webber has a background of over 45 years in microbiology (including 16 years at U.C. Swansea, 18 years as Microbiologist with Fospur/Ashland, and 18 years as Technical Director of Microbial Innovations Limited).

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